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  1. What are the aids offered from the Chief Ministers’ fund?

    • Medical assistance to persons suffering from acute illness and disabled persons.
    • Financial assistance to school children of low income groups
    • Financial assistance to places of worship for upliftmemt of religions activities.         
  2. What are the scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education?

    • “Sisu Rakuma” scholarship program – sum of Rs. 5000/- is offered per annum per school child whose parents are not living.
    • Eighty students from the tow districts of Badulla and Moneragala who obtain best results at the G.C.E Advanced Level Examination are paid at the rate of Rs. 10,000/- each student for the year.
    • Payment of Rs. 5000/- per residential student of the Uva Science College per year.
  3. Whom should be addressed to obtain buildings for the schools and other institutions functioning under the control of the Ministry, Regarding repairs to existing buildings and to obtain furniture and equipment ?

    • Hon. Chief Minister/ Secretary of the Chief Ministry / Assistant Director of Planning of the Chief Ministry
  4. What are the documents and when should they be sent to the chief Ministry if an officer serving under the Ministry wants to obtain leave to go abroad?

    • Documents
      Letter of application
      Letter summoning the officer
      Perfected Form Gen. 126
      Copy of the Citizenship Identity Card.
      Letters of Covering duties
      If the officer is going to be abroad for a period exceeding one month or if he goes on a scholarship with full pay or if he goes abroad during the probationary period he has to sign a particular agreement prescribed in each case. (Each of the above documents should be submitted in five copies)

    • Time limits
      Relevant application should be sent to the Ministry at least 10 days before the expected date of officers’ travel.

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